Episode 3A ( Time's Going Slow )
Season 1, Episode 3
Written by Pearce F
Directed by Pearce F
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Episode 3B ( Running In The Lost Direction )

In this episode at elimination, TV displays the likes first and BottLe Cap won the prize with 22 likes getting the most likes Tokey got the second most, followed by Pizza getting third most. In the dislikes, everyone was safe but Orange Rectangle and Red Circle but Red Circle was eliminated with 69 dislikes a record of votes but instead Orange Rectangle was eliminated by mistake with 39 dislikes.

The challenge was to race for more information about the teams please watch the episode. Anyways they started off as Nickel said he was not driving and Red Circle was asleep which woke Red Circle up in progress and started driving followed by Candy who asked if the host told them where the finish line was and ended up falling intp a canyon


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