Red Circle's Speaker Box is a type of speaker box that was created by Red Circle. It only hosted episode 3A and 3B. Nobody could understand it’s vocoder voice resulting it spitting out subtitles sometimes. Apparently, he wasn't only created by Red Circle, as seen in episode 3a. He extremely dislikes Bottle Cap. Ironically, he doesn't not like Tokey unlike Red Circle, his creator. His rival is Round Square's Speaker Box. Red Circle's Speaker Box hosted episode 3b as well, unlike Round Square's speaker box, and coincidentally, Round Square himself didn't show up, neither of which got any screen time. The last thing is that he can form his speaker in to a mouth.

Red Circle's Speaker Box
The two hosts who hosted in episode 3A




Speaker Box


Red Circle, Blue Circle, Bottle Cap (formerly)


Round Square, Round Square's Speaker box, Blueberry, Brown Rectangle, Bottle Cap