Note: shape battle is canceled so if you are waiting for Episode 5 then stop waiting because P lost interest so all of the original videos of shape battle are deleted and reuploaded on the graveyard of youtube's channel.

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About The Show :

Shape Battle is a competitive reality show created by . 17 contestants compete for one million dollars.

Cast :

Blueberry/Yoyleberry, Indigo Triangle - TheRobloxLegoGames

Plum - emwgflamingfire

Blue Circle, Bottle Cap, Brown Rectangle, Grey Hexagon, Orange Pentagon, Orange Rectangle, Red Circle, Round Square, Tokey - PDDRMAnimationPro / p.F.[Wacky weirdness 1]

Gold Square - SammyShink

Green Ball - Kalasi97

Cracker, Green Pentagon - Volcanoclaw / Justin Chapman

Pizza - KillAXCool

Round Square - TeenChampian / Samual Thornbury

Strawberry - DesuUsagi / Dalton

Yellow Triangle - tBlizzi

  1. Tokey used to be voiced by CampsandGames and Orange Pentagon used to be voiced by TheOrangeLoveant but both voice actors were changed to Pearce for personal reasons, same as Round Square and several others

Contestant PagesEdit



Shape battle bottle cap by pddrmanimationpro-d7md4lz

Bottle Cap

Shape battle blue circle by pddrmanimationpro-d7md563

Blue Circle

Shape battle brown rectangle by pddrmanimationpro-d7md4tw

Brown Rectangle



Shape battle gold square by pddrmanimationpro-d7md5pm

Gold Square

Shape battle green ball by pddrmanimationpro-d7md65k

Green Ball

Shape battle green pentagon by pddrmanimationpro-d7md6ad

Green Pentagon

Shape battle grey hexagon by pddrmanimationpro-d7md6i2

Grey Hexagon (eliminated 17th place)


Indigo Triangle

Shape battle orange pentagon by pddrmanimationpro-d7md7a2

Orange Pentagon


Orange Rectangle

Shape battle pizza by pddrmanimationpro-d7md7hy


Shape battle plum by pddrmanimationpro-d7md7ob


Shape battle circle by pddrmanimationpro-d7md563

Red Circle (eliminated 16th place)

Shape battle round square by pddrmanimationpro-d7md7sa

Round Square

Shape battle strawberry by pddrmanimationpro-d7md7dt




Shape Battle Contestants2

Welcome to Shape Battle Wiki! (all of the contestants in their ML appearances)

Monthly Poll : Who do you think will be eliminated in episode 5?

The poll was created at 07:51 on October 3, 2015, and so far 69 people voted.

Winner of September 2015 poll: September or October/After 2016

Winner of August 2015 poll : Brown Rectangle