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Pizza, Bottle Cap, Tokey, Indigo Triangle, Orange Pentagon (Ice Cream and Jigsaw are no longer contestants)






Bottle Cap



This team is one of the two opposing teams of Shape Battle. NOTE : this team no longer exists due to it broken up into individual play and Indigo Triangle was cut so there are no way of her being a lowest ranking or highest ranking member of the team.

This is Bottle Cap’s team meaning that Bottle Cap is the leader of the team. Their is no official name for the team calling it Team Bottle Cap despite the leader being Bottle Cap. The team consists of Pizza, Tokey, Indigo Triangle, Orange Pentagon, Jigsaw, Ice Cream and of course Bottle Cap. They are the two opposing teams in Shape Battle others are Team Brown Rectangle, currently the team's broke in episode 4 and it is individual contest like usual. Bottle Cap and Tokey are currently up for elimination, one of them might be the lowest ranking member of their team

NOTE : HRM is highest ranking member, LRM is lowest ranking member