This is a show for the stick-man or woman to compete to win the TROPHY OF THE DUMBEST-BEST STICKMAN all the newbies (Number 11-20) are really mean To the original contestants (Number 1-10) except Number 15 and probably 18 and 19.

Information of Characters? There down below  :

Number 1 has personality similar to Courtney from Total Drama but more mature.

Number 2 loves candy and also she will control it if no one likes it.

Number 3 the silent-type like B from a Total Drama and Teardrop from BFDI.

Number 4 a cheerful and happy stickman and makes many friends.

Number 5 dull/short and is here not to make friends but did eventually.

Number 6 is a fan of fame though she still cared for her friends at times too.

Number 7 a neat freak and is the only ‘clean’ one here after all.

Number 8 says he’s strong and calls everyone a wimp but he is weak as pigs.

Number 9 is sarcastic and pessimistic he is more like Nickel from BFDI not from II.

Number 10 the shy guy! He is as shy as any shy guy but is nice and kind

Number 11 playful one huh? He is the total opposite of Number 1

Number 12 a healthy eater but is a jerk! And a tomboy the opposite of Number 2

Number 13 loved to chit and chat! Annoys Number 3 a LOT!!! He is a jerk

Number 14 he sounds like Snowball (BFDI) acts like Snowball and behave like Snowball

Number 15 she is kind to everyone despite being a new stickman.

Number 16 a tomboy and does not like fame and hates Number 6 badly REALLY badly

Number 17 one of Number 7’s worst nightmares! He is really unclean and untidy

Number 18 he is like Orange Pentagon and is best friends with

Number 19 not 8 Number 19 he is like Green Pentagon and is best friends with Number 18 not 9

Number 20 he is brave and Number 10’s opposite. He behaves badly to Number 10

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