16. Grey Hexagon - He is Very Mean! He is The Worst Character In Shape Battle!

15. Orange Rectangle - He is a Bossy Object. But He Is Sometimes Pleasane.

14. Red Circle - He is Mean Unitil Episode 3a. Away Episode 3a He Become Very Pleasane and Can Win Shape Battle.

13. Green Pentagon - He Make Alway Ugly Faces.

12. Cracker - He Is Funny But Annoying.

11. Plum - She Have a Beautitfol Voice.

10. Pizza - He is Probably Funny.

9. Blueberry/Yoyleberry - She is Small But Cute.

8. Orange Pentagon - He Is Very Very Very Funny and Liked.

7. Bottle Cap - This Is The Contestant That Have The Idea of Shape Battle Object Show.

6. Round Square - He is One of The 8 Most Best Contestants In Shape Battle.

5. Strawberry - She is Very Cut.

4. Brown Rectangle - He is Cut But Sometimes Stupid.

3. Gold Square - He is The Best Friend of Strawberry.

2. Purple *SLAP* - Her Real Name Is Indigo Triangle. She Hate Being Called Purple Demonstration Hey Purple *SLAP* Indigo Triangle: Don't Call Me Purple! She Is Cut and Cunning.

1. Tokey - She Is THE BEST CHARACTER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!